I’ve been living in Jacksonville for several years now and I enjoyed exploring the city, trying the outdoor activities and checking out every gym that there is.

As a fitness expert, choosing the right gym for you is very important. It should match you perfectly, that way you will be more encouraged to go often.

To make it easier for you to know which suits you best, I listed the best gyms I know.

Achieve Fitness

Achieve Fitness is open seven days a week and as late as 10 pm during weekdays. It offers solo and group training.

(904) 215-7088
[email protected]
2349 Village Square Parkway
Fleming Island, FL 32003

Asana Wellness Center

The gym has indoor and outdoor facilities. They offer personal training as well as conducts boot camps for the residents.

(904) 575-3710
9119 Merrill Rd
Jacksonville , FL , 32225

Athlete’s Choice Fitness Center

Locally owned gym and they have scheduled classes for kickboxing, yoga, Pilate’s and Spin classes.

(904) 696-0905
(904) 696-6720
[email protected]
12425 North Main Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32218

Body Control Gym

These gyms offer almost everything. They have hi-tech facility making sure you’re having fun and seeing great results at the same time.

(904) 516-0800
[email protected]
120 Everest Lane
St. Johns, FL 32259

New Jax Gym

As much as I don’t want to sound biased but this is by far my favorite, and it is where I currently workout. The gym has an amazing view, and it’s just very relaxing that the river scenery doubles up the stress relieving effect of exercise.

(904) 707-8276
[email protected]
2 Independent Dr. Suite 200
Jacksonville, FL 32202

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