About Me

I suffered from depression for years. Those were my five dark years until I was able to redeem myself three years ago.

I moved to Jacksonville from Detroit carrying the hope of starting a new life. It sure helped to be in a whole new, different place, made me feel like my life has become a blank canvas. However, the feeling of having a fresh start didn’t last long.

That’s when I realized that no matter where I am if I don’t change myself, I will remain stuck in misery.

It wasn’t easy, and it definitely wasn’t the same as recovering from physical illness. I tried different sorts of pills, been to therapy sessions, but the very reason I was able to taste freedom from depression was when I actually started helping myself.

No other person could help you better than yourself.

I got a ton of self-help books and learned to take care of my well-being. I joined The Gym. I found it hard to keep up, I had to force myself to get out of bed for the first few weeks, but I told myself that I must do it.

Things have started coming together after month or two. I began noticing the gradual changes in my life. I felt whole, confident and happy.

My aid to recovery was exercise, and I am a living proof that it works. I’ve never felt more alive after discovering how much my physical being affected my wholeness and healing.

I pretty much enjoyed my new self and embraced it well that it resulted in my eagerness to share the method I used and to help people that are struggling.

No need to have an athletic background to get into shape – physically and mentally. You only need grit, determination, discipline, and guide.

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